2018 Membership Rates

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2018 subscription fees 

GCMA Membership Year begins on January 1st (except Associate Membership)

Full Member £243.00
Full Member – Multiple members at a club * £195.00
Full Member – Northern Ireland


Associate Member ** £135.00
Retired Member (with magazine) £90.00
Retired Member (without magazine) £57.50
Unattached £121.50
Full Overseas Members


* The multiple member rate is applied to any other GCMA members at a golf club or organisation, where there is already one Full Member, who will be charged the full rate.

** Introduction to Golf Club Management delegates receive 12 months membership from the date of their course; Diploma in Golf Club Management delegates receive membership for the duration of their studies.

Regional membership fees vary by region, up to £54 a year.

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